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Who are we?
We are a modern company oriented to the maintenance of yachts, recreational and leisure activities, and tourism and sport activities. We also provide mechanical repair services, maintenance of sporting and non-sporting crafts. The company uses modern technology and provides a customized service, having for objective to be the leading company in the field.
Our History
In the year 1997, as a result of his passion for yachting and after having the opportunity to cruise the coasts of neighbour countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, part of the Atlantic North and the Caribbean; Julio Dongo Aguirre, business man, decides to build the first marine in Perú, to place us at the same level as our neighbour countries, and provide the yachts that sail over the Pacific Ocean a new alternative of temporary destiny: the Port of Callao. In this, his business adventure, he is joined by friends associated to his project as Navy Admiral Raúl Sanchez Sotomayor and a group of business men related to the nautical activity.

In the process of promotion and construction, a strong "maretazo"/Tsunami paralyzed the work being done. In that time, they verified that there are almost no yachts heading to Perú and that all of the international nautical activity, in this part of the Continent, is oriented towards Ecuador and Chile and that, unfortunately, the reasons are mainly related to the difficulties for the arrival and the temporary presence of recreational boats with foreign flag, making the permanence of yachts in journey almost impossible, and as a consequence concluding with the reparation and modification of these installations would lack a purpose, as there is no market due to the previously mentioned reasons.

After 5 years of paralyzing the project, and under a new direction in the year 2003, they decided to modify the project to adequate it as a Workshop of Boat/Naval Reparations and boat builders, and as a secondary activity the one of the Marine. The company is denominated Marina Club & Services S.A. In this purpose, there is an agreement made with the Peruvian Navy to give out a peak to place the MSN Museum Submarino Abtao (Abtao Submarine) as a payment for the rights of the aquatic area, never used, and less expensive than the peak which was given out as an exchange for it. However, the purpose was to raise the project for the benefit of the people in Callao and the naval community of the city. The mayor of Callao, who in that time was Alex Kouri, the Director of Captainships, the president of the AOSP and our company subscribed agreements of collaboration that have helped and enabled the reconstruction of the project MSN Abtao.

Nowadays, the area is dedicated to provide reparation workshop services to every boat; commercial or recreational, through the installation of a travel lift of 36 tons and to contribute, modestly, with the development of the nautical activity in the country.
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