The Project is based on providing the opportunity to existing and new boat owners a support system that will help them feel comfortable and safe with their boats.

El proyecto esta basado en proporcionar una oportunidad a los dueños de los botes tanto nuevos como ya existentes, un sistema de soporte que los ayudará a sentirse cómodos y seguros con los mismos.

The Team Peru Project is comprised of a group of people that have been boat owners or have been involved in the boating industry for a number of years.
This Company will have an estimated 20 boats under management at the beginning, so that these boat owners will have well maintained boats and a service program. Their boats will be checked by experienced US staff that will come biannually to Peru for full inspections of all systems including engine, air conditioning and electronic systems until the Peruvian team is completely trained.
The captains and crews will be trained as this is the most important part One of primary reasons why more people don't own boats is because they cannot find experienced and qualified captains and crew.
The marina is operational (Marina Club Callao) and has a travel lift, at present the yard can service more than 30 boats at the same time.
Our 2012 revenue is projected over US$ 1.1 million.
Experienced painters will be brought from Florida to train the existing team painters. The same will happen with local mechanics, they will be trained to use the latest diagnostics There will be additional space in the present building, as to grow to keep more spares in stock and a new management office will be put in place. Our present stock supplies inventory is over$70,000.
Our mission is to get the Ferretti group support to sell new boats and Allied Marine for used boats. The Peruvian market has been traditionally a used boat market, for the reason we believe, there is a total lack of support from the builders. We believe that by providing good boat management, support and good service more people will shift to new models especially if one has a local representation.
One important issue is that as the ocean is not flat at all here in Peru there is a need to find good docks locations and there are not many near the shores of Lima. For this reason, most of the 40 ft plus fleet is composed of sport cruisers.
In Bahia Paracas we have access to a private pier and home of one of our partners. Also in Paracas we are currently in negotiations for a management contract for a marina project slated to be completed in 2013. We own a marine fuel facility at Santa María, (50Km from Lima). Currently under project at this location the construction of a 94 slip full service marina.
Currently under construction the marina fuel facility at Callao, it will be ready In April 2013 along with an 80 foot floating dock with 100 Amp electric service.
Renato Dongo, owner of the only private marina and service center in Lima, Marina Yacht Club Callao, (all others are part of private clubs). He is a businessman involved in cemeteries, real estate, housing and condominium developments.

Michael Michell, entrepreneur and businessman that has been involved in many different areas of the Peruvian business spectrum. This includes textiles, banking, beverages (Coca Cola), cars (Ford), industry, etc. Has also been a boat owner for more than 30 years owning many private yachts.

John Dial, a resident of Florida, a yacht broker with Allied Marine for three years and over 13 years as a Florida licensed yacht broker. He has over 35 years of combined marine industry experience in facets that ranges from a beginning as a yacht Captain to managing corporate fleets, implementing crew training to managing and owning a service center and of course as above referenced yacht sales.

Alfredo Jochamowitz, a businessman involved in the insurance industry, beverages corporation, real estate development and car dealer ships in Peru. He has also been a boat owner for more than 20 years.
In 1997 as a result of his love and affection for nautical sea and after having the opportunity to sail the coast of neighboring countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, part of the Atlantic and Caribbean, Julio Dongo Aguirre, restless entrepreneur decided to build the first marina in Peru, to put us on par with neighboring countries, and to provide recreational yachts that ply the Pacific Ocean for a new alternative destination: the port of Callao.
In this venture he was supported by Navy Admiral Raul Sanchez Sotomayor and a group of businessmen linked to the boating activity.
Today the area is dedicated to providing service repair shops for all commercial and recreational craft, by installing a 36-ton travel lift and a modest contribution to the development of boating activity in the country.
SINCE 2007
We have hauled and repaired more than 800 boats (Commercials and Sports)
We host the arrival of the cruise ship The World and the landing of the ship passengers.
The Peruvian Navy has entrusted to us the care of the submarine MSM ABTAO.
We host the Lima Abtao Fashion Show for 3 years
We proudly keep our 60 Marina Yacht Club members satisfied