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Abtao Submarine

As a great museum, adults and children could visit the Abtao, Peruvian submarine that, during 48 years patrolled and guarded in silence the sea of Grau. The ship was totally rehabilitated in the SIMA (Industrial Services of the Navy).

The Abtao, submarine weighs 1 500 tons, is 80 meters long, 9 meters in width in its central part, 4 torpedo launchers in the prow and 2 in the stern, speed of 35 kilometers per hour, immersion of up to 200 meters and a crew of 40 men.

The ship was a member of a group of four-sub mountain type submarine that the Peruvian government bought at the beginning of the 50s and which were constructed in the shipyards of the Electric Boat Co, in Connecticut, United States. Its original name was Tiburón. Its twin the 2 de mayo was called Lobo. Tiburón came into service the first of March of 1954 and arrived at Callao three months later.

Since then it fulfilled patrolling missions and it contributed to the balance of the Peruvian naval forces with those of the others South American countries.

It was re baptized as BAP Abtao in March 1957. In 2000 after 48 years of services it had served in important missions as the rescue as the BAP Pacocha in 1988 and the patrolling of the North coast during the Cenepa conflict between Peru and Ecuador in 1995. It left the service in March 2000.

Four years later it has become the only floating museum of Latin America. This museum has the particularity to use videos, besides using a program that will simulate a combat. Also, the visitors will be able to participate in a simulated immersion through a multimedia program.

The total route is made in an average of 45 minutes. The attention in the submarine is from Tuesday to Sundays, from 9 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon.

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