New Agreement

Long. 77º09’ West
Lat. 12º03’35” South

User: mycc
Password: 2009
Frequently Asked Questions
Which are the conditions to become a member?
To have a boat or to be interested in nautical sports.
Which are the facilities and rights that are granted to the members?
In principle they will have a tariff with 20 % of discount, as for the hoisted and lowering and daily stay of their boats, later on we will send invitations detailing the facilities and rights of the members.
Will the cost that are charged for the services be special for the members?
Indeed, the members will enjoy special prices for all the services that the Marina Club offers.
What other services will the Marina Club offer?
In addition to the previously mentioned we will be offering restaurant and snack bar services.
When will all the services be available at 100% ?
For the next summer season we will have the entire services operative.
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